HSPC ATX Control Kit

HSPC ATX Control Kit
HSPC ATX Control Kit
HSPC ATX Control Kit
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High Speed PC HSPCLG
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Product Description

We know you are a control freak and always have to have your way…so we’re going to give it to you. The ATX Control Kit from HighSpeed PC grants you complete control over your ATX motherboard, without even having to install it inside a case! This must have kit is perfect for any upgrader, tweaker, modder, IT professional, or general PC enthusiast’s toolbox.

Two system switches for power and reset functions eliminate risky methods of system testing such as shorting pins with a screwdriver. A green and a red LED display power and HDD functions, and a piezoelectric speaker sounds out system beeps and warnings.

If you have to test boot a system even one time without installing it in a case, the ATX Control Kit will pay for itself by saving you time, effort, and aspirin use. So for the ultimate in control, and we know you want control (cause we’re psychic), the ATX Control Kit from HighSpeed PC will be your means to your way.

  • Full motherboard control without the case
  • Perfect for Tech Stations or when any non-conventional case is used to hold your PC hardware
  • Great for isolating problem case switches
  • Kit Includes:
    • ATX Power Switch: System power (on/off/standby) controlled by momentary switch attached to the motherboard’s power switch header
    • Reset Switch: Reboots PC without powering system off, attached to reset switch header (either switch in this kit can be used)
    • System Alert Speaker: 4 pin connector to sound system beeps/warnings
    • System Power LED (green): 3 pin connector lights when power is ON. Blinks when system is in standby or sleep
    • IDE Activity LED (red): 2 pin connector. Blinks with hard drive activity.

NOTE: If motherboard header locations require the switches or speaker to be installed right next to each other and the fit is tight, simply bend them to about a 45 degree angle if needed. If LED's, speaker, or switches don't function, or the HDD LED remains on continuously just pull them off the motherboard header and reverse installation.

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