12in Liquid Neon Cathode Light (Blue)

12in Liquid Neon Cathode Light (Blue)
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Product Description

The Liquid Neon Cathode Light is specially designed to give the impression of glowing liquid inside your cathode tube. The Liquid Neon's lighting effect is very similar to that of a plasma ball. The light travels in visible waves, rippling throughout the tube, and is affected if you touch it with your hand. These bright cathodes are a great addition to any mod.

Download: Video File (MPEG 4.11 MB)

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  • Easy installation
  • Rear On/Off switch on PCI plate
  • Low-heat Liquid Neon tube with dancing lightning
  • 12V Inverter
  • Tube diameter: 15mm
  • Tube length: 300mm
  • Input voltage of inverter: 12V
  • Installation tape included