Home Automation - Your PC Modding Fetish Takes Over Your Home

Introducing Xoxide’s Home Automation Section!  Finally your PC Modding fetish rolls out across your whole house.

What is Home Automation?

The simple definition is anything you do that can automatically operate or take care of a recurring or repetitive task on its own.  But that sounds pretty textbook doesn’t it? Let's think of a simple example from your daily life.

 When you open your car door, the overhead light comes on. Then when you close it, it waits a few seconds and dims out.

That is the essence of home automation. Taking a simple, redundant task that makes your life easier and safer and automating it in a way that is so subtle that you don't even notice and it just feels like a natural occurence. A trigger creates an action.  There is so much potential, yet it's still something so rare in the home. It's modular, it's practical and it's even portable. Plus you are bound only by your imagination and creativity.

We know our Xoxide customers love to tinker, mod, upgrade and especially create a wow factor. Home automation is an exciting new frontier, taking modding beyond the PC (though your PC can optionally still be used as the hub of your setup.) You can do it all with simple, effective home automation tools and our trained experts will help show you how, curate the limitless options so you're not overwhelmed, and assist you with whatever you need to get started and expand.

Let’s start the tour and help you create and realize your vision. Browse the featured products below or click here to read more about getting started (and some nifty diagrams).