4" Blue Cold Cathode Kit (Dual Ready)

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Product Description

Note: Our new 4' cold cathode kits have an attachment for a 12' secondary cold cathode that allows you to add another light to the inverter. The second cathode tube is an option below. It does not come with the kit and must be purchased separately. 

Cold Cathode lighting is the most commonly used form of case lighting on the market. Advancing on the standard 12V neon, cold cathode lamps operate by use on a power inverter, which converts the standard 12V input to hundreds of volts of power. This is done by minimizing the amperage, via the inverter unit (included with the kit). The end effect is an intensely bright and thin tube, the most popular form of lighting today.

Our kit is fine tuned to push out as much brightness as possible, while still keeping the best lifespan to brightness ratios. We have tuned our kits to operate for up to 30,000 hours of burn time, while still competing with the brightest tubes on the market.

This kit includes everything you need for a complete lighting solution. We include a Molex connector with power splitter, PCI slot mountable on/off switch, boxed inverter, and acrylic encased cold cathode.

The cold cathode mounts easily via velcro squares attached to the end of the tubes. We recommend the addition of a secondary cathode lamp, for use with the dual capable inverter this kit provides. Choose any color combination you see fit.

Length: 4 inches
Average Current Damand +/- 3.7w
Encased in a 100% acrylic shell for proper light distribution

Encased inverter for safety
Dual light capability
Huge Lifespan