Xoxide 5 in 1 Combo Blue/Silver - Case, Speakers, Keyboard, Mouse, 350W PSU

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Product Description

Holy combo, Batman! This matching combo has everything you need to start building a great looking system. First, you get a sweet looking case. The case has four 5.25" bays, two 3.5" external bays, and four 3.5" internal bays. There is also a multimedia panel with front USB and audio ports. There is a stylish side panel and a carrying handle on top of the case. Also, there is room for two optional 80mm fans, one in the front, and one in the rear. The dimension of this case are 19.50"(D) X 7.15"(W) X 19.25"(H). Included with the case is a 350 Watt AMD/P4 ready power Supply (four 4-pin connectors, one floppy connector, one P4 connector, one ATX connector). Those together are a great combo, but wait, there is more!

Also included is a matching 800dpi optical mouse, a matching multimedia keyboard, and two matching 2 x 10W speakers! Now, what would you expect to pay for this great deal? One million dollars? Five hundred Thousand dollars? No way! You can get all five components in one sweet package for a ridiculously low price. Are you ready to own this matching combo?