80mm Steel Mesh Fan Grill Silver

80mm Steel Mesh Fan Grill Silver
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Product Description

Keep the inside of your case debris-free with Xoxide's 80mm Steel Mesh Fan Grill. This Silver Fan Filter is designed to mount between a case fan and a case. With this Fan Filter, you will achieve maximum filtration while keeping the inside of your case spotless.

If style is your main concern, there is no reason to worry because this fan grill is almost hidden. Even if it is visible, it has a sleek, professional look. Not only does this grill prevent dust and debris from entering the case, but it also can catch items such as falling screws to ensure that you do not damage and components. Xoxide is proud to offer you this dome-shaped, Silver 80mm Steel Mesh Fan Grill at an outstanding price.

  • Spacing on the holes is the same as the spacing on the holes of an 80mm fan
  • The dome thickness is 1/8 inch or about 3mm
  • The diameter of the slightly domed area is 2 and 7/8 inches or 73mm
Note - We also carry a 120mm Steel Mesh Fan Grill Silver to ensure that you can keep all your fans blowing clean.