80mm Dual Pass Radiator

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Product Description

The 80mm Radiator is made of steel with copper fins, maximizing heat dissipation with a dual pass construction. 80mm fans can be mounted on either side of the radiator. Two fans in not necessary for cooling, but are recommended. Some top choice low noise 80mm fans may be added below, but a more extensive selection can be found here.

The 80mm Dual Pass Radiator is a generously priced radiator offering much more than your ‘standard’ 80mm radiator. This radiator shows very similar cooling to that of the much higher priced radiators on the market. The 80mm Dual Pass Radiator is slightly outperformed by some larger names, but overall is a very sound investment for your water cooling system. A quality radiator at a price this low is unbeatable.

  • Dimensions: 104x83x53mm
  • Standard 3/8' anodized aluminum hose fitting
  • Plastic, steel construction with copper fins
  • Model: 80mm Radiator
  • Screw set included