Push Wire Connector Lever Terminal Block Lever-Nuts 5 Conductor Compact Connectors, 30 Pack

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Product Description

Safe for use with 0.08~2.5mm˛ solid wire or stranded wire, 0.08~4.0mm˛ stranded soft wire. Rated voltage:400V; Current rating:32A; Power Rating:7KW;Strip Length:10mm/0.39-inch.Product Size:20.5*26.6*14.5mm(L*W*H) Cover:Dupont PA;Guide Strip: electrolytic copper(Tinned surfaces); Spring: nickel chrome alloy steel. Ideal for compact and complex applications where space is at a premium For all connections requiring: Stranded / solid wires, Wide range of wire sizes ,Combination of different wire sizes and types in one connector. Wire connectors hold wires fast. Easy installation. Eliminate need for messy wiring