Arctic Cooling Freezer 64 CPU Heatsink

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Product Description

Artic Cooling places your CPU on ice with its Freezer line of heatsink fans. Large copper heat-pipe technology draws heat away from a solid copper block and up to 40 heat dissipating aluminum fins. The aluminum fins also help keep the weight down, placing much less stress on your motherboard than other oversized coolers.

The Freezer features a uniquely designed 80mm fan structure with ARCTIC Ceramic Bearings that are engineered to reduce the typical buzzing noise associated with standard fans. Coupled with the large surface area of the fins, the Freezer almost silently keeps your system running cool and safe.

The Freezer is backed by a 6 year, 163,000 hour MTFB warranty from the manufacturer proving Arctic Cooling’s unmatched confidence in their product. So take it from someone who has lived in Europe in the dead of the winter, and solidify your cooling performance with the Freezer Heatsink Fan from Arctic Cooling, because those Switzerlandians know the meaning of the word COLD!


* Low speed 80mm fan reduces the noise level to a minimum * Patented fan holder practically eliminates the typical buzzing sound of typical 80mm fans * Powerful heat pipes with expanded diameter are able to transfer heat up to 200 Watts * 40-fin heat exchanger consists of a surface area of over 5000 cubic centimeters and allows for resistance free heat energy transfer to air * Light weight, high performance cooler is less then 500g, which eliminates mainboard weight problems * Easy tool-less installation * 6 year warranty * Long life 163,000 hour MTFB


* Application: All AMD Sempron Socket 754, AMD Athlon 64 up to 5000+, AMD Athlon 64 up to FX-59 * Heat Sink Dimension: 92 x 72 x 120mm * Heat Sink Fins: 40 Aluminum * Fan Dimension: 80mm * Fan Speed: 2200 RPM * Power Consumption: 0.13A * Airflow: 32 CFM * Bearing: ARCTIC Ceramic Bearing * Overall Dimensions: 92 x 114 x 120mm * Weight: 460g