Access Single Handed Game Controller XBOX/PC (Refurbished)

Access Single Handed Game Controller XBOX/PC (Refurbished)
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Access Single Handed Game Controller XBOX/PC (Refurbished)

eDimensional and renown modding genius/extraordinaire Ben Heckendorn have teamed up once again and created the Access Controller compatible with the Playstation 2 (not 3), XBOX 360 and PC platforms. Allowing total control of games with one hand, the Access Controller represents a completely new way to play all of your favorite games. Featuring a unique, patented modular control design, each control function found on a regular gamepad (including analog sticks, D-Pad, shoulder buttons, face buttons, etc.) is accessible and built into it's own module. Even better, each module can easily be rearranged to suit any game style or need. Each module can be removed and replaced with a single hand and simply pops in and out. The concave design rests comfortably on a leg or a table and provides proper balance and resistance for optimal responsiveness.

So whether you're lazy, need a spare hand to eat a Hot Pocket, need a spare hand to play DOA Beach Volleyball, or actually have one of the legitimate disabilities that this was intended for, this controller is for you!

The Access Controller utilizes 2.4 GHz wireless technology for added convenience. Ben even includes detailed documentation for developing your own custom modules and accessories.

A portion of all proceeds benefit Children's Hospital and Veterans Affairs Medical Centers.

Note - for XBOX 360 use, you must own a regular wired XBOX 360 controller. Something to do with the way the adapter works.