AcoustiPack LITE PC Soundproofing Kit

AcoustiPack LITE PC Soundproofing Kit
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AcoustiPack LITE PC Soundproofing Kit
Product Details - AcoustiPack LITE PC Soundproofing Kit

AcoustiPack™ LITE (APL)

AcoustiPack™ LITE is a cost-effective multi-layer soundproofing materials kit for standard size and small computer cases, including HTPC's and SFF cases. Each pack contains 2 large sheets of sound-proofing materials using our unique 4mm (2-layer) acoustic composite. This material is ideal for fitting within the narrow confines of modern enclosures yet it has superb noise reduction capabilities.

AcoustiPack™ LITE PC Soundproofing Kit (APL)

These soundproofing materials have been designed to achieve maximum acoustic attenuation over a broad frequency range:

   * High Transmission Loss

      High transmission loss is the composite material s ability to impede
      airborne noise.

    * High Noise Reduction Coefficients

      High noise reduction coefficients is the composite material s ability to

      absorb airborne sound energy with minimal reflections.

   * Damping

      Damping is the composite material s ability to attenuate structure-borne
      vibration on metals and other substrates thereby reducing reradiated


AcoustiPack LITE 2-Layer Materials

AcoustiPack™ LITE contains 2-layer acoustic materials. Comparative small and large scale acoustic tests with alternative single-layer PC sound-proofing materials demonstrate that AcoustiPack™ multi-layer materials are more effective and safer, whilst still remaining as thin as possible.
The upper layer, immediately opposite the noise source, is a layer of semi-open cell dense acoustic foam which provides a low-reflection surface. This upper layer of foam provides some sound attenuation, especially of higher-frequency sound (>1kHz). The very dense black limp  plastic  layer at the base of the 2-layer material is directly attached to the substrate. This layer acts as both an acoustic barrier (effectively attenuating the transmission of sound energy through the material) and as a damping layer, reducing vibration in the substrate (usually a thin steel panel in many PCs and server enclosures).

The 2-layer materials in the AcoustiPack™ range of kits are 4mm thick. Acousti Products manufacture thickness greater than 4mm for OEM and manufacturers, but the thickness in the AcoustiPack™ kits is the thinnest we can produce to facilitate fitting the materials in small and narrow spaces inside modern PC cases.