Aerocool Blue Lubic 4480 Custom Mid Tower (Airplane Computer Case)

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Product Description

Now you can transform your 'squary' PC into something else. Announcing the new 'LUBIC' DIY case. With this modular 'LUBIC' concept, you are equipped to create your very own design of PC case with the aluminum components provided in this package. Carefully plan the construction and the material usage, and your PC will transform into something other than just a dull metal casing. Anything is possible with 'LUBIC'!! You can create a 'Scorpion' case, an 'Elephant' case, a 'B-52 Bomber' case or anything you can imagine. You can also make non-computer products from the LUBIC' modules such as photo frames, display cabinets or tables.

448mm frame 12pcs
352mm frame 1pcs
256mm frame 2pcs
192mm frame 4pcs
96mm frame 12pcs
L-shape piece 15pcs
stainless steel angle joint - three sides and oval hole 4pcs
stainless steel angle joint - two sides and oval hole 4pcs
#1 screw (M4x6) 60pcs
#2 screw (M4x8) 100pcs
#3 set screw 36pcs
#4 disk screw (M3x12) 60pcs
#5 power supply screw 4pcs
#6 motherboard screw (M3x6) 9pcs
Slider (3-holes: 2xM4+1xM3) 90pcs
Slider(1-hole: M4) 300pcs
FDD standoff 8pcs
HDD standoff 16pcs
motherboard standoff 9pcs
switch with screw 1pcs
hex wrench 1pcs
wheels 4pcs
acrylic panel for ATX motherboard 1pcs
Inside panel 2pcs
Inside panel plus 2pcs