AeroCool AeroBase UFO Flashing Gaming Pad

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Product Description

In today’s modding community, computer modification has gone way beyond throwing a little light bulb in your tower to make your friends ooh and ahh. You need to have trick mods to all your computer parts internal and external. AeroCool can help you out with the mousing department with the AeroBase Flashing Game Pad.

The AeroBase is much more then your standard light up mouse pad. With 11 blue LEDs, which can flash in 15 coordinated sequences, the AeroBase sets the par for lighted pads. In addition, the AeroBase is sensitive to the electric signals in your cell phone, so when your cell phone is placed near the pad and it receives a call, the LEDs flash rapidly to alert you of the call.

The mousing surface of the pad is highly textured and is perfect for high dpi optical and ball mice. It provides a precise yet smooth and quiet surface for gamers and demanding users. Its compact nature also makes it perfectly transportable to LAN parties. So put the finishing touches on your system with the AeroBase Flashing Game Pad from AeroCool.

  • Dimension: 227mm diameter / 10mm thick
  • 15 Flashing sequences
  • Suitable for optical or ball mice
  • 11 x blue LEDs
  • Can switch LED on and off (Press button for 3 seconds to switch off)
  • Mobile phone alert (Will pick up mobile phone signal within 5cm away from the mouse pad. The flashing speed will become 3 times faster.)
  • USB V2.0 / V1.1