AeroCool GateWatch Fan Controller - 2x5.25" Black

AeroCool GateWatch Fan Controller - 2x5.25" Black
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Product Description

Like things big to get your computer noticed? Like really big...Big...BIG!?! The GateWatch from AeroCool features an oversized display that is so massive, it takes up two 5.25" drive bays! This backlit LCD delivers a digital smorgasbord of information to the user. The LCD can be set to three user selectable colors; blue, purple, or red, and relays current fan speed, and temperature readings inside the computer. The Fan speed can be adjusted manually by the user, or let the GateWatch automatically control the speed while it monitors your computer and displays the status of your system on the screen. The GateWatch also features a sound graphic analyzer and master volume control for your computer. So super size your system's temperature and fan control with the GateWatch from AeroCool.

  • Large LCD display uses 2 x 5.25" bays
  • Futuristic panel and graphic designs
  • Monitors and controls 4 channels of fan speed and temperature
  • Precision digital button controls
  • Master volume control knob
  • Sound equalizer
  • Auto / manual switch for auto detect or user's personal settings
  • °C / °F switch
  • Alarm warning for overheat or when abnormalities are detected
  • 3 color backlit display
LCD Display
  • 4 x fan speed display
  • 4 x alarm temperature display
  • 4 x temperature readings display
  • Active Sound Analyzer
  • Aerosorus with moving tail
  • Computer status indicator
  • Channel indicator
  • Auto and Manual indicator
  • Fan and temperature channel selection indicators
  • 24hr time display
  • Volume indicator
  • CPU fan and thermal readings
  • VGA fan and thermal readings
  • Case fan and thermal readings
  • HDD fan and thermal readings
  • Auto / Manual mode
  • Master volume control
  • °C / °F Display
  • RPM and time set
  • Alarm setting
  • Fan speed and temperature alarm increase and decrease
  • LCD backlight selection