Aerocool PowerPanel Multifunction Panel - Silver

Aerocool PowerPanel Multifunction Panel - Silver
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Product Description

Aerocool PowerPanel Multifunction Panel - Silver
The Aerocool PowerPanel Multifunction Panel is like having a universal plug in the front of your computer, fitting all the computer electronic media you could desire. The PowerPanel really extends its welcome rather nicely by going a little farther and better than other multifunctional panels with a 5v and 12v powered USB ports that reads and writes USB 2.0. Aside from all the add ons you could imagine it just makes the front of your computer look like some sort of sweet alien technology that all the Martians round school are dying to get there hands on…yeah that might be a stretch but there are little words to describe just how convenient and cool the PowerPanel really is.

  • Color coded 5v and 12v PoweredUSB reads and writes USB2.0 and also serves as multi-purpose charger or connector for other peripherals.
  • Power SATA and SATA connection
  • USB2.0 x 4
  • 25 in 1 card reader
  • Elegantly brushed aluminum front panel
  • Supports: : Intel LGA775, AMD K8 and AM2
  • Size: Dimensions:148mm(W)x42.3mm(H)x92mm(D)
  • Drive bays: 1x 5.25" bay
  • Weight: 450g