Aerocool Touch 2100 Touchscreen Fan Controller & Panel

Aerocool Touch 2100 Touchscreen Fan Controller & Panel
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Product Description

Aerocool Touch 2100 Touchscreen Fan Controller & Panel
Touch-2100 is a manually operated fan controller that easily controls and monitors five temperatures and fan speeds at a glance.You can freely increase or decrease fan speed of a particular fan according to the temperature the heat sensors of the corresponding channel detects. An alarm temperature can be set to a particular channel in order to carefully monitor the increase of temperature of particular component/s. Once the detected temperature exceeds the alarm temperature, the Touch-2100 will automatically increase to the max. speed of that fan of the corresponding temperature channel in an effort to cool the temperature down below the alarm temperature and thus ensuring the well-being of components. As soon as the temperature is dropped below the alarm temperature, the fan speed will automatically return to the previous manually set fan speed. Touch-2100 safe guards your PC components around the clock and throughout the year!

  • Innovative "Touch" LCD technology.
  • Support up to maximum 25W per fan channel.
  • 7 LCD backlight colors selection or turn off backlight completely.
  • Monitors and Controls 5 sets of temperature and fan speed individually.
  • Switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit.
  • Overheating alarm temperature warming.
  • Fan working display.
  • 2 x USB3.0 ,Mic & Headphone.