Cooler Master Aerogate II Temp. Moniter & Fan Controller (Silver)

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Product Description


The dynamic Aerogate II thermal controller gives you monitoring capability of 4 different important component temperatures. In addition, users can control all 4 corresponding fans at the same time. The large LED backlight display and the custom-designed 7-color dial give ultimate viewing pleasure. With the Aerogate II, thermal control can be accomplished with the touch of your finger.

  • Each temperature sensor corresponds to its own fan
  • 7 color dial rotation setting or choice of setting in one single color
  • Support 4 fans (max. output 18W each)
  • Simultaneous monitoring of all 4 fan speeds (RPM) and their components' temperature
  • All connections are not required to be fully operational
  • Reduced energy consumption and fan noise for quiet work environment
  • Designed for DIY applications, can also be used for RAID towers, servers and industrial PCs
  • Model: Silver Cooler Master Aerogate II

Dimensions 150 x 43 x 62 mm (L x W x H)
Net Weight 122 g / 0.296 lb
Display LCD with blue backlight
Device Fan Size 40 x 40 x 20 mm
Temperature Monitor Range 0 C - 90 C 3% (32 F - 194 F 3%)
Fan Input 12V / 1A 5%; 5V / 0.5A 5%
Fan Output 7-12V / 1A