Akust Magnetic Fan Snake Stands / Mounting Arms

Akust Magnetic Fan Snake Stands / Mounting Arms
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Product Description

A great solution to add more cooling fans inside your chassis with no mods! This metal magnetic system can be mounted to any steel side, top or bottom panel. Just mount the desired fan to the snake arms and mount via the magnetic ends any area in need of extra cooling. It's a great way to increase airflow directly onto your VGA cards or any other hard to reach component!

  • Compatible for all sizes of DC case fan
  • Flexible and easy to keep fan in-position
  • No screw-hole required to install
  • Unique magnet bottom and bendable metal design
  • Multi-option cooling for CPU, VGA card, memory module, HDDs, chipset and PSU...
  • Size at 200mm for each Snake-Stand's length
  • Material: metal and magnet, 4pcs/pack
*Fan not included