Akust Niche 11 Blade Multi-Variable 80mm Fan

Akust Niche 11 Blade Multi-Variable 80mm Fan
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Product Description

The Akust Niche 11-Blade Fan has a most unique fan design that is unrivaled. This is an extremely versatile 80mm fan with multiple voltages, speeds, noise level and CFM output.

  • Size : 80.0x80.0x25.0mm, DC 12V, Sleeve Bearing
  • 5 direction air in-take Frame enhance the max. air
  • 11 blade design to optimize air static pressure
  • Enclosed with Power Voltage Cable for 12V, 7V and 5V
  • High, Mid. and Low fan speed change available
Fan cable is fully sleeved in nylon Techflex sleeving and Premium Heatshrink