Antec NSK2480 Desktop Case with 380W PSU

Antec NSK2480 Desktop Case with 380W PSU
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Product Description

Antec NSK2480 Desktop Case with 380W PSU
The first desktop in Antecs award winning Solution Series of enclosures has arrived. The NSK2480 Desktop case features a unique triple-chamber structure, designed to isolate the heat and noise produced by the power supply and hard drives, ensuring a quiete computing environment. Along with its exceptional ventilation and attractively understated styling, the NSK2480 also includes an 80 PLUS Certified EarthWatts 380 Watt ATX12Vv2.2 power supply with universal input and Active PFC, so you can place its beauty anywhere you want.

  • Quiet and highly efficient 80 PLUS Certified EarthWatts 380W power supply
  • Triple-chamber structure to isolate power supply and hard drive heat for cooler & quieter operation
  • 2 sidemounted 120 mm TriCool 3-speed fans
  • 4 drive bays and 4 expansion slots
  • Front-mounted ports for easy multimedia connections