Antec Soundscience rockus 3D|2.1 Speaker System

Antec Soundscience rockus 3D|2.1 Speaker System
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Product Description

Antec Soundscience rockus 3D|2.1 Speaker System
soundscience rockus™ 3D | 2.1 speaker system creates a personal home theater experience that brings the power and realism of 3D sound together with the clarity and accuracy of high-fidelity audio. 3Dsst™, soundscience's 3D technology, actively analyzes incoming stereo audio signals and intelligently places them into a 3D sound field. The results are a personal theater experience with realistic, immersive 3D soundscapes for your movies and games from 2.1 speakers - whether it's the impact of an explosion, the snap of a baseball whizzing by a player's face, or the thunder and fury of a videogame gunfight.

The rockus also features a dedicated music mode optimized for superb stereo sound reproduction, letting you hear your music with deep, visceral sub-bass and spacious crisp, mids and highs. soundscience puts 3D cinematic sound and high-fidelity music in its place: Your room.

Configuration 2.1
Satellite Speakers 5.7" (H) x 6.3" (D) x 4.7" (W)
144.8 mm (H) x 160.0 mm (D) x 119.4 mm (W)
Subwoofer 13.8" (H) x 10.6" (D) x 7.7" (W)
350.5 mm (H) x 269.2 mm (D) x 195.5 mm (W)
with 6.5" diameter subwoofer
Weight 8.5 kg / 18.7 lbs
Total 150 Watts
Satellite Speakers 25 Watts / each
Subwoofer 100 Watts
Maximum Output S.P.L 95 dB
Analog 3.5mm, RCA
Digital Optical