Apevia 1100W Warlock Windowed Power Supply

Apevia 1100W Warlock Windowed Power Supply
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Product Description

Apevia 1100W Warlock Windowed Power Supply
The highly efficient Apevia 1100W Warlock power supply is specially designed for PC gamers and enthusiasts, but with the unique windowed side panels, it's especailly for modders!. This quad-rail power supply features 4 independent +12V rails for better power distribution, and can handle most overclocked, extreme gaming, or power hungry systems. Apevia is well known for its unique personal style, and this power supply is no exception. Add in the flair of a thermally-controlled, 135mm, color-selectable LED fan, and blue UV reactive cable sleeves to this unit's high-performance and reliability, and you can see why our Warlock power supply triumphs over the competition.


Model No. ATX-WA1100W
Max. Power 1100W
Material Metal
Color Black titanium coated with black sleeves
Switches ATX Logic on-off additional power rocker switch 115/230 Volt selector switch
Input Voltage valtagees:115V/230V
Input freguency:60Hz/50Hz
Output 1100W Max
Connectors 1 x 20/24pin Main Power
2 x 6pinPCI Express
2 x 8pin PCI Express
1 x 4/8 pin + 12V and EPS
8 x 4pin Peripheral
6 x Serial ATA
2 x Floppy
Electrical Efficiency:80% at full load
Hold up time: 17ms at full load
Switching Frequency: 125K Hz at normal link input
Stability: +/- 5% for 24K hr after warm up
Protection Short-circuit/ Over current/ Over voltage/ Over power/ Under voltage/ Over Temperature
Environment Operation temperature:0C to 40C
PFC Active
Cooling Forced air ventilation by 1 x 135mm ball bearing fan
Fan speed controller Automatically thermal controlled
MTBF 100,000 hours at full load/25C
Dimension 150mm x 170mm x 85mm (W x L x H)
Weight 5.0 lbs
Package 8 pcs/carton
Cu'ft 2.74 (per carton)