APEVIA 550W Chameleon Aluminum Power Supply - Black

APEVIA 550W Chameleon Aluminum Power Supply - Black
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APEVIA 550W Chameleon Aluminum Power Supply - Black
Apevia's Chameleon power supplies features 550W of power housed in 2.0mm of lightweight aluminum chassis, combining best cooling material, super quiet and outstanding performance in a stylish design. Supports Pentium 4 and AMD CPUs. This power supply has a built-in 120mm LED double ball-bearing fan for best cooling and a fan speed adjustor to control the fan speed and reduce the noise level while maximizing your cooling capacity. Just like a chameleon, it changes colors. The 120mm fan has a switch to select different LED colors to either be blue, green or red. You can set to any color light you want at any time to match your case color theme or your mood. Advanced wire management enhances better airflow and neatness. For those who own a case with side window, the green UV reactive wire sleeves, connectors and on/off switch give a significant effect under UV lights. Punched out side panels allow air to freely flow throughout the power supply. The Chameleon power supply comes with a free bonus "Silent Combo Kit" in retail package. You get an extra PCI fan speed controller (controls up to 5 case fans) and a 120mm UV blue LED fan for your system cooling. Two SATA connectors connect your system to the faster SATA interface for better performance. Short Circuit/ Under Voltage/ Over Voltage/ Over Current/ Over Power/ Electric-Shock Free Protection functions ensure and stabilize your system. Made of the highest quality components and materials, Apevia’s Chameleon has undergone the most rigorous testing in the industry to offer the best cooling, stability, reliability and durability.

1.This power supply should be installed upside down to achieve better cooling and also let the LED lights shine thru the whole case.

2.European version for this model does not come with a silent combo kit.


Model No. ATX-AS550W-BL
Max. Power 550W
Material Aluminum
Color Blue
Switches ATX Logic on-off additional power rocker switch 115/230 Volt selector switch
Input Voltage ranges:103-132VAC or 206-264VAC RMS switch selectable
Input freguency:50-60Hz
Input current:10A for 115VAC, 5A for 230VAC
Inrush current:<40A @115VAC, <80A @230VAC
Output 550W Max
Connectors 1 x Main Power (20+4pin)
1 x 12V (P4)
2 x SATA
1 x PCI-E
8 x Peripheral
2 x Floppy
Electrical Efficiency:>70% under max range load
Rise time: <20ms
Hold up time: >10ms at full load
Overshoot: >10%
Leakage current:<3.5mA @240VAC
P.G. Signal:100-500ms
Protection Short-circuit/ Over current/ Over voltage/ Over power/ Under voltage/ Electric shock free
Environment Operation temperature:0°C to 40°C
Operation humidity:20% to 90% RH
Operation altitude:up to 10,000 ft
PFC Optional
Cooling Forced air ventilation by 1 x 120mm UV blue fan
Fan speed controller yes
MTBF 100,000 hours at full load/25°C
Dimension 150mm x 145mm x 86mm (5.9" x 5.7" x 3.4") - W x L x H
Weight 5.0 lbs
Package 8 pcs/carton
Cu'ft 2.70 (per carton)