Cooler Master Aquagate 'ALC-U01' Computer Water Cooling System

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Product Description

The Aquagate Liquid Cooling System is a revolutionary form of heat management for desktop computing platforms. It relies on a special liquid coolant, in order to draw heat away from the CPU and keep it as cool as possible. This unit has an LCD disply that shows you real-time system monitoring results. There is customizable water temperature, CPU temperature warning and a low water level display. This system can be mounted many different ways including on the front of the case using up two 5.25' bays, in a spare PSU bay, or as a stand alone unit. The adjustable Fan Speed fulfills both low noise and high performance characteristics. The included water block is compatible with AMD K7, K8, Intel P4 and various other specifications.


Dimensions 220mm(L)x148mm(W)x88mm(H) Case Material Aluminum
Fan Dimension 80x80x25 mm Fan Speed 2000/3100/4600rpm
Fan Bearing Type Rifle bearing Fan Voltage Rating 12V
Noise Level 23/34/49dB Power supply AC power (indoor: 110V and 220V) and DC power (DC 12V)
Pump 110V, AC 9W Power Consumption DC 12V, 2.2 W
Water Block Material Copper and Acrylic Weight 2kg(Main Unit)/5Kg(Total)
Thermal Resistance Rca 0.31/0.25/0.23C/W(tested with p4 3.06G) Application AMD K7(socket 462), K8(socket 754/940) and Intel P4(socket 478)