AriZona Green Tea Energy Drink

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Product Description

One who is lacking in energy is one who shall not taste the great seeds of victory. A body lacking in energy is a body lacking in mind. Reading too many mindless proverbs will leave one mindless.

It is with this knowledge that we bring you the Green Tea Energy Drink from AriZona. Green Tea, the ancient beverage steeped throughout history for its body and mind health benefits has been combined with AriZona's potent blend of energy inducing vitamins, minerals, and herbs.

This thirst quenching drink will deliver the explosive caffeine energy you need to keep gaming for hours, but at the same time heal your worn body with its herbal cocktail of Ginseng, Milk Thistle, Taurine, Vitamin A, B, and C amongst other notable ingredients. So quaff AriZona'a lightly carbonated Green Tea Energy Drink before your next LAN party and Zen your way to your next victory!


  • Amount: 16oz Can

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