Apevia X-Discovery Computer Case - Green

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Product Description

Just when you think you have reached the final frontier of computer cases, a new discovery is made that opens up a whole new chapter of style. The X-Discovery Case from Apevia will bring the new light to your computing experience.

The X-Discovery is Apevia's blend of technology, functionality, elegance, and versatility in a single case. The front bezel features blue LED accent lighting and a blue backlit analog temperature gauge. A thick and sturdy crystal clear acrylic door protects your drive bays, and adds a very classy upscale touch to the case.

With performance in mind, the X-Discovery provides copious ventilation, a removable motherboard tray, and rounded corners for safe upgrading and installation. The front high speed I/O ports are even accessible with the front door closed for added convenience. So rediscover your inner modder with the X-Discovery Case from Apevia.

  • Elegant modern styling with large side window
  • Front high speed I/O ports accessible even with door shut
  • Thick crystal clear acrylic front door
  • Front blue LED accent lighting
  • Superb airflow and cooling
  • Removable motherboard tray
  • 10 drive bays and 7 expansion slots for maximum system expansion
  • Chassis Material: Steel
  • Motherboard Form Factor: Standard ATX, Baby AT, Micro ATX (11' x 12' Max)
  • Drive Bays:
    • 5.25' External: 4
    • 3.5' External: 2
    • 3.5' Internal: 4
  • Expansion Slots: 7
  • Cooling System:
    • 2 x 80mm Optional Front Intake Fans
    • 1 x 80mm UV Blue LED Side Panel Intake Fan
    • 1 x 120mm Crystal Rear Exhaust Fan
  • Front I/O: 2 x USB2.0, 1 x IEEE1394 Firewire
  • Front Thermometer: 1 x Analog Temperature Gauge
  • Dimensions: 19.25' x 7.75' x 17' (D x W x H)