ATX Power Supply Bypass Adapter

ATX Power Supply Bypass Adapter
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Product Description

Use this bypass plug to power on a water cooling pump while leaving the rest of the PC components unplugged. It will provide 12V power to the pump - but not to the motherboard! This jumper allows the PSU to power on without being connected to the motherboard.

It's easy, just 6 steps:
  1. Disconnect Power Plug from the motherboard
  2. Attach only the pump to the PSU molex connector. Do not connect delicate devices i.e. hard drives, DVD drives, etc (Fans are ok).
  3. Attach the ATX Power Supply Bypass Adapter to the PSU plug.
  4. Begin adding coolant and filling the system by cycling on and off the PSU and adding coolant.
  5. Once system is full of coolant and 24 hour leak test is complete turn off PSU and disconnect the adapter.
  6. Plug in all the system parts and enjoy the new setup!!!