Bawls EXXTRA Sugar Free Energy Drink - 10oz Bottle

Bawls EXXTRA Sugar Free Energy Drink - 10oz Bottle
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Product Description

We're not going to lie to you...we think most sugar-free drinks are pretty awful. Since we have a general dislike of any product that denies us the sweet sensation of our favorite cane, we completely understand if many of you have your own apprehensions about an energy drink robbed of the pure, raw power that sugar brings.

Well, get ready to kick those apprehensions to the curb, because they're about to be kidnapped, tortured, and shot dead after you've tried the awesomeness that is Bawls EXXTRA Sugar Free Energy Drink!

Infused with 50% EXXTRA caffeine than the original BAWLS Guarana flavor, Bawls EXXTRA Sugar Free Energy Drink is super-powered with an earth-rattling jolt of guarana-infused taste that's all kinds of refreshing!

Since this particular energy drink is injected with more guarana than any other Bawls currently on the market, BAWLS EXXTRA hits new heights of caffeine-infused power. Even without a drop of sugar, BAWLS EXXTRA is on par with a strong, espresso-infused cup of brewed coffee (96 mg per 10 oz. serving, to be precise). BAWLS EXXTRA is available in 10 oz. bottles that feature their classic (and slightly erotic) bumped-glass design.

  • Carbonated Water, Citric Acid, Natural Guarana Flavors, Caffeine, Sodium Benzoate (Preservative), and Artificial Flavors