Multi Colored Cold Cathode (Blue - Green - Red)

Multi Colored Cold Cathode (Blue - Green - Red)
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Product Description

Why settle for a single color cathode when you can get 3-in-1?! You'll have to see it to believe it.

Length: 12.25 inches of pure light.
Diameter: Demand +/- 350mA at 12VDC.
Average Current Damand +/- 4.3w.
.25 inches Encasing.
Encased in a 100% acrylic shell, enabling 360 degrees of light.
Special coated 12V inverter for safety.
What's inside the box:
Cold Cathode Light
Molex connector with power splitter
coated inverter
Power Switch
Jam-nut Rocker Switch
Velcro Mounting Tape
Hole Template