BIG CHECK! - December 7th, 2004

Congratulations Xoxide Shoppers!
You've aided in donating $839.31 to the American Cancer Society!

We at Xoxide would like to take the chance to personally thank each and every one of you that helped contribute to the [DaDs] ARMY Charity Fundraiser X-3HOUR Sale. Through the computer gaming and modding community’s magnanimous generosity, we were able to generate a grand total of $839.31 to donate to the American Cancer Society! Xoxide will be presenting The American Cancer Society with this amount, and also the traditional ceremonial BIG CHECK!

Random Xoxide Cronies From Left To Right:

Jim "Hates Being Called Todd" Price – Shipping Dept., Will "Thigh Master" Stokes – Procurement, Bob "Cobra Commander" Chmielewski – MT Sales Manager