Blow Energy Drink Mix

Blow Energy Drink Mix
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Product Description

Blow Energy Drink Mix
Looking for a little pick me up, but tend to frown upon the possibility of jail time?

Well, look no further, because Blow Energy Mix is finally here. No bloody noses or policemen involved with this one, folks, just pure caffeinated potency that's sure to whip you into a frenzy of productiveness. It comes in a handy canister (or in this case, a vile) and can be mixed into your favorite drink for instant re-vitalization. Best of all, it will make you look cool at parties without having to spend thousands of dollars on illegal narcotics!

So what are you waiting for? Buy it up, cut it up and enjoy the rush of Blow, the energy mix of course.

*NOTE: Snorting this product is NOT recommended. In addition, rubbing it on your gums/teeth will also not produce any results (outside of the occasional cavity, of course).

*NOTE #2: Apparently this stuff was just a little too close to the real thing, because the FDA has put the kibosh on it. Grab the last few vials before they are gone for good.