Caffeinated Marshmallow Variety 3 Pack - Coffee, Java, Mocha

Caffeinated Marshmallow Variety 3 Pack - Coffee, Java, Mocha
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Caffeinated Marshmallow Variety 3 Pack - Coffee, Java, Mocha
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CaffeMallows™:  Crammed with taste and caffeine in each mallow.

Sometimes you just have no time to enjoy a real cup of coffee; hell, you can’t even get away from what you are doing, right? Fear not, because we have a solution! If you can’t devote the time to making your favorite brew, or if you just need a massive pick-me-up during the day, then you need to stock up on CaffeMallows™, the Hyper-Caffeinated Coffee Marshmallows.

CaffeMallows Hyper-Caffeinated Coffee Marshmallows are chunks of sheer magic. Each pack has three mallows: on Java, one Coffee, and one Mocha. Each mallow is made with real espresso or coffee and is therefore loaded with caffeine. Loaded? You bet! The Coffee and Mocha mallows have 200mg of caffeine per mallow and the Java mallows have 280 mg of caffeine. Down any of them to get a jolt of pure coffee taste, a massive rush of caffeine, and a big smile on your face. For all those moments when you don't have the minutes for coffee, you can still get the delicious taste and the much-needed caffeine you crave with Hyper-Caffeinated Coffee Marshmallows. And not in one, but three flavors!

JavaMallows™JavaMallows will hit you with the power-punch of a double espresso in a mouth-filling burst of deep, satisfying flavor. This delectable treat keeps you going and going.

Caffeine Content:  280mg per mallow

CoffeeMallows™CoffeeMallows are a convenient way to boost alertness - just pop one into your mouth. This innocent looking marshmallow packs the punch of a double cup of coffee.

Caffeine Content:  200mg per mallow

MoccaMallows™MoccaMallows create that sweet chocolate espresso experience you crave, the hallmark effects of rich dark cocoa and cocoa nibs. A sure way to satisfy your body and soul.

Caffeine Content:  200mg per mallow

Nutrition Information:

Net Wt.: 1 oz per mallow

Ingredients: Sugar, Corn syrup, Water, Coffee / Espresso concentrate, Caramel, Beef gelatin, Corn starch, Vanilla, Cinnamon, Salt. 

Additional ingredients in MoccaMallows:  Cocoa and Roasted cocoa nibs.

Kosher Status:  Each mallow is made with Kosher certified beef gelatin. All other ingredients are kosher certifiable.