Thermaltake ThermalRock Circle Case Give Away!

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You spin me right round, baby right roundÖlike a Circle Case, babyÖright round round round! Now you can have your world spun round with your very own Thermaltake Circle Case. And you can circumvent the usual "lightened wallet effect" buying one of the newest and nicest cases on the market has. Thatís right, Xoxide is giving away a Circle Case completely FREE!

Whatís that you say? Have we gone completely mad!?! Well yes, but thatís beside the point! You still get the chance to win a Circle Case for FREE! The Circle Case is the newest case in Thermaltakeís new high-end product line under the ThermalRock name.

To win this case you simply have to do one of two things. If you are already signed up for our quasi-semi-monthly newsletter, you donít have to do anything, you are already entered! For the rest of you, simply sign up for our newsletter by February 4th, 2005. The winner will then be selected randomly from the complete list of newsletter subscribers.

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Remember to sign up before February 4th 2005 for your chance to win!

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