Clearneon Aerosol UV Reactive Paint - White

Clearneon Aerosol UV Reactive Paint - White
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Product Description

ClearNeon's paint is now more invisible and brighter than ever! If you are looking for a way to REALLY stand out at the next LAN party, try a fully custom UV paint job! Yeah...that should do the trick!

This is ClearNeon's premiere UV Aerosol Paint product, and also their most popular due to its brilliant and intense presentation under UV light. This clear coat goes on smooth and is virtually undetectable in normal light.

It applies to most surfaces, including cloth and dries fast, leaving you with an eye-catching effect. Coverage depends on application, average coverage is 12 sq. ft. or a line 1 inch wide and 150 feet long.

Our Cloud White creates a much needed contrast to the brightness of other colors. Looks awesome and is great when used to outline or add shading to other colors.

  • Color:
    • Day Light: Clear
    • UV Light: White
  • Contents: 7.3oz
  • Coverage: Approximately 12 Square Feet