ClearNeon Brush-on UV Reactive Paint - Green

ClearNeon Brush-on UV Reactive Paint - Green
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Product Description

If you are looking for a way to REALLY stand out at the next LAN party, try a fully custom UV paint job! Yeah...that should do the trick! ClearNeon's UV Brush-on Paint glows brilliant and intensely when exposed to UV light. This clear coat delivers a smooth finish and is virtually undetectable in normal light.

Detailed projects are enhanced with the Clear Neon Brush-On collection of UV paints. ClearNeon's UV Brush-on Paint can even be used in airbrush form, simply add water to dilute the paint!

NOTE: Some colors will appear different on different surfaces. Also, some colors appear differently when used independently. Do not paint conductive electrical components such as memory slots, PCB Board, etc. As with any modding product, Xoxide can take no responsibility for any damages caused directly, indirectly, incidental, or coincidental by the application of this product to any surface. That said, we HIGHLY advise that you do not spray any UV paint directly onto your motherboard.

Want to know more about UV light, UV reactivity, and UV paint? Check out ClearNeon's FAQ page here!