Cocaine Energy Drink - 8.4 oz.

Cocaine Energy Drink - 8.4 oz.
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Other companies don't have the BAWLS to sell Cocaine, but apparently Xoxide's BAWLS are the size of 10oz bottles! Pick up some Cocaine Energy Drink Today!

Buy the drink that has brought on public outcry and distain from "The Man"!
Banned from stores, schools, and communities around the world!

Cocaine Caffeinated Energy Drink

Having trouble waking up in the morning, staying awake at late night LAN parties, or just making it through that general monotonous drudgery you call a life? How about trying a little Cocaine? The energy drink that is! Cocaine Energy Drink is the all new caffeinated beverage that literally rocks your tired and fatigued body back to life!

Each can of Cocaine delivers a concentrated dose of Caffeine, Taurine, Guarana, Dextrose, Vitamin C, Vitamin B6 & B12, and Inositol. This energy educing concoction boosts your body into an energy frenzy with the ferocity of a freight train!

From the first swig of Cocaine you can feel an intense but not unpleasant tingle as the caffeine infuses directly into your bloodstream in the back of your throat! After that it comes on strong and 10-15 minutes later it's like a POW RIGHT IN THE KISSER energy extravaganza and every dilapidated cell in your pathetically withered little body was invited!

No matter how tired, hung over, or decrepit you are feeling, Cocaine Energy Drink is the medicine you are seeking! Use Cocaine! That’s all I can say. I have tried every beverage and caffeine product that we sell plus dozens of other products on the market and I have never gotten such an instantaneous rush of energy from anything else!

Cocaine FAQ:
  • Does Cocaine contain cocaine? No, we don't advocate drug use. What you do with your drink is completely up to you!
  • Where can I buy Cocaine? At!
  • How is there no crash with Cocaine? - Dextrose, a natural sugar, gives you an instant rush. Other sugars make your body work and give you a CRASH when they run out. NOT Cocaine!
  • Other drinks contain high fructose corn syrup. Why not Cocaine? HFCS is not good for you. According to nutritionists your body has a difficult time converting this "sugar". Try to avoid drinks and food with HFCS.
  • There seems to be less crap in Cocaine than other energy drinks. Why? Because they only put into Cocaine what they thought was needed - Nothing else. They worked hard at giving Cocaine a kick without being sickly sweet. We think it worked!

NOTE: Cocaine can only be shipped to the 50 US States! We apologize as we are unfortunately unable to ship this product to APO/FPO, Puerto Rico, Guam, Virgin Islands, or Canada.

Cold Weather Alert: Due to the cold temperatures of the winter months, customers have been experiencing exploding Bawls. We at Xoxide are very concerned for the safety of our customers and do not wish for their Bawls to freeze. We recommend that if the ambient temperature of your area is at or below freezing, that you refrain from ordering carbonated caffeine beverages during this time. Customers who wish to place orders for these products may do so at their own risk. Neither Xoxide nor UPS will replace, refund, or process any claims for injured Bawls or any other caffeine beverage during this time.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Xoxide Management