USB Beverage Chiller / Warmer

USB Beverage Chiller / Warmer
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Product Description

USB Beverage Chiller / Warmer
The USB drink cooler is essential. When you are thirsty, there is nothing like a nice cool refreshing beverage. Now imagine you are at a LAN party and all that you crave is a nice big swig of your favorite caffeine beverage. You reach down to get your carefully pre-chilled drink, but all you find are hot and sweaty Bawls in your hand!

What happened? Have I really been here THAT many hours, and when the heck was the last time I slept?!? While we may not be able to answer your rhetorical questions, we can however fix your sweltering Bawls problem! For gamers who like their caffeine ultra cold or super hot, there just ain't no in-between, and that's why we're happy to bring you the USB Beverage Cooler and Warmer.

This revolutionary USB powered drink cooling / warming device allows you to easily adjust the temperature of your drink holder - you can either keep your beverage at a cool 45F, or switch it over for a piping hot cup of Joe. Requiring power from only your USB port, the Beverage Chiller is perfect for portability and transportation.

The Beverage Cooler is so versatile, it works with any device that has a USB Port including computers, gaming consoles, and even some cable boxes! Now you can keep your Bawls on ice all night long with the USB Beverage Chiller and Warmer.

  • Works w/ Soft Drinks, Coffee, Tea, and More
  • High Efficiency - Works in Just a Few Minutes after Plugging into USB Port
  • Draws Power Directly from USB Interface
  • Plug and Play (No Driver Required)
  • On Board Button to Switch from Warm to Chill
  • Dimensions: 14 x 8.5 x 3.3cm (Cooling / Warming Pad Diameter: 64mm)
  • Weight: 440g
  • USB Cable Length: 1.1M