Coollaboratory Liquid MetalPad Thermal Interface Pad

Item# 81115
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Product Description

Avoid messy pastes and thick, inefficient pads with Cool Laboratory's Liquid MetalPads. Each pad comes in an easy to apply no-mess sheet and installs in-between your heatsink and CPU. The MetalPads are made of 100% metal so we are talking about 100% efficiency with no fillers to degrade the quality of your heat transfer.

Liquid MetalPads melt from the heat when your CPU is running and fill the miniscule holes that cause poor heat conduction, allowing your processor to run much cooler. MetalPads are compatible with all commercially available heatsink materials including copper and aluminum. They never age and do not require regular exhange mantainance, so it is easy to see why Cool Laboratory's Liquid MetalPads are a smart choice!

  • Applications: 3
  • RoHS Compliant: Yes