Cooler Screwpack M3 universal - Black ( 4 screws)

Cooler Screwpack M3 universal -  Black ( 4 screws)
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Product Description

Cooler Screwpack M3 universal -  Black ( 4 screws)
As many large waterblock manufacturers do not include the accessories with e.g. their CPU waterblocks any more this bundle is the perfect substitute. With this kit you can be sure that everything required for the installation of a CPU waterblock is included in high-grade quality! This is also perfect for used waterblocks or to replace lost mounting components as it consists of standardized components.

Suitable for all other coolers and waterblocks with up to 4 mounting holes!

The great thing about installation of this waterblock is the possibility of a combination with a backplate: In combination with a self-adhesive backplate this mounting kit becomes your waterblock exchanging station which allows installation and deinstallation of waterblocks in seconds. Simply fixate the backplate on the back of the Mainboard in line with the mounting holes, put through the screws from the read and fixate it with a washer and nut from the topside of the Mainboard. Now waterblocks can simply be set onto the screws and are fixated with the knurled nuts and springs to ensure an even contact pressure without bending of the Mainboard.

Extent of delivery & Material:
  • 4x Screw DIN 7985 M3 x 40 cross-slotted flat black nickel plated
  • 4x Knurled nut DIN 466 high shape M3 black nickel coated
  • 4x Nut DIN 934 M3 hexagonal black nickel coated
  • 4x Spring black stainless steel M4 x 14mm
  • 4x Washer DIN 125 M3 PA natural