CoolJag Programmable LED Flash 92mm Fan

CoolJag Programmable LED Flash 92mm Fan
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Product Description

Customize your own words, and plus a built-in temperature sensor reads the current temp of the air in your case and then projects it directly on the fan blades with incredible accuracy!

Microchip technology arranging fan speed and synchronizes the projection in order to keep your text readable independent of the current rotation speed. The cool effect of the LED Marquee Mini Flash is the perfect next mod for your case.

Features & Specifications:
  • 90 X 90X 25 mm, 1400 RPM, 28 CFM.
  • Customize any your words up to128 characters/spaces (Max 16 per a layer).
  • Unique illumination effect in flash many style and build-in graphics in seconds.
  • Shows your own words & current temperature onto the fan blades.
  • High performance in a reliable cooling for the PC.
  • Automatically synchronizes projections fan rotation speed.
  • DIY Program over many times as like.