Cyber Snipa Padlock Mouse & Keyboard Mat - Standard

Cyber Snipa Padlock Mouse & Keyboard Mat - Standard
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Product Description

Cyber Snipa Padlock Mouse & Keyboard Mat - Standard
Don't you hate it when your keyboard keeps slipping on your desk or in your pull-out tray? Or have you tried to jam your mouse into the little piece of tray left next to your keyboard?

The patent-pending Padlock Keyboard & Mouse Pad gives you the best of both worlds...the exclusive latex texture that keeps your keyboard locked in place plus an oversized cloth-weaved mouse pad for smooth, consistent mouse glide. Whether it's for work or for play, the Padlock will give you the comfort and performance you demand.

Available in 2 sizes - standard for standard size keyboards (even fits inside most pull-out desk trays) and XL for gaming keyboards!

Technical Specifications:
  • Patent pending surface grips your keyboard and prevents it from sliding.
  • Professionally-engineered cloth surface for ultra-smooth, consistent, pixel-precise mouse glide.
  • Oversized design provides ample mouse surface for tracking everything from small movement to broad swipes.
  • Optimized for any mouse type or sensor.
  • Non-slip rubber base.
Package Details:
Package Size: 13.5" x 3.6" x 3.5"
635mm (25") x 229mm (9") x 3mm
Product Size: (Standard)
813mm (32") x 279 (11") x 3mm (XL)
Product Weight: 395g excluding packaging
540g including packaging
Package Contents: 1x Padlock Mouse & Keyboard Pad