Cyber Sport Orbita 3D Mouse

Cyber Sport Orbita 3D Mouse
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Product Description

Cyber Sport Orbita 3D Mouse
Move it. Spin it. Scroll it. No matter what you choose to do with it, the Cyber Sport Orbita Mouse will support your navigation needs with the utmost ease and precision. The world’s first wireless 3-axis mouse, the Orbita is a fully integrated, intuitive control centre that will completely redefine how your conventional mouse is used.

So how is this any different than your conventional Mouse? Well, the first noticeable difference is the replacement of the scroll wheel. The wireless cylindrical shape becomes the basis of this astounding enhancement. The cylinder shape does away with the vertical "Up and Down" scrolling, allowing the user to simply rotate the mouse left or right in a natural dialing action (Remember rotary phones? Oh wait, neither do we). To further enhance the innovative design of the Cyber Sport Orbita Mouse, a built-in compass calibrates movements in 3 dimensions, offering an advantage that is intuitive, ergonomic, and incredibly efficient.

If you're a professional video or music editor, you can jog through your footage or edit your audio files with insane precision. The strain of navigating through long text documents is all but eliminated with it's easy scroll function. And when it comes to expansive 3D gaming environments, the scrolling and ease of functionality is completely unmatched. Thanks to a function that require continuous scrolling, you can finally avoid the jerky, uncomfortable limitations of vertical finger movement.

  • Innovative Continuous Scrolling
  • Ergonomic Cylindrical Design
  • Ball Bearing Base
  • Both Vertical & Horizontal Scrolling
  • Rechargeable w/ Smart Battery Management
  • All Buttons & Movements Software Mappable
  • Long Range High Performance 2.4Ghz Wireless
  • Fully Compatible w/ 3-button Scroll Mouse
  • Windows® Vista Enhanced Wheel Support (Smooth Scroll)
  • Easy to Disassemble for Cleaning
  • Mouse Compatibility: USB 1.1+ standard scroll mouse compatible
  • Software Compatibility: Windows XP / Vista, Mac OS X 10.3.9+
  • Buttons:
    • Push (left mouse)
    • Squeeze (right mouse)
    • Jog Dimple (scroll mode / middle mouse)
    • Calibrate / Orientate
    • Power / Reset
  • USB 2.0 Full Speed / High Power
  • Mouse Sensor: 800DPI wireless optimized optical sensor
  • Rotation Sensor: Electronic compass; 256 Counts Per Rotation (CPR)
  • Wireless: 2.4GHz 10m Frequency Hopping
  • Battery: Lithium Polymer Inbuilt Rechargeable
  • Report Rate: 10ms / 100 Hz
  • Scroll Resolution: 16 ~ 256 CPR
  • Calibration: Semi-automatic
  • Software Languages: English / French / German / Spanish
Package Contents:
  • Orbita Mouse
  • Base Station
  • Travel pouch
  • User Manual
  • Quick Start Guide
  • CD-ROM
  • Additional Low Friction Feet Ring