Danger Den Double Wide Acrylic Tower - 21 Black Series

Danger Den Double Wide Acrylic Tower - 21 Black Series
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Product Description

Danger Den Double Wide Acrylic Tower - 21 Black Series
The Double Wide Tower 21 Black Series is what the doctor ordered for extreme, massive cooling!! Multiple radiator support (one 360 radiator, two 480 radiators, and one 160 radiator). If you want to do a dual loop...no problem. Plenty of space!!

All the edges now have a 1/4" round over edge!  Optional fan mounts for Hard Drives and a rear 80mm or dual 80mm radiator for secondary loops.  It will house an ATX motherboard and up to two (2) 3x120mm radiator and 1 quad 4x120mm radiator.


     Size: 23.1" Tall x 14.65" Wide x 16.65" Deep
     Several color options available
     Motherboard - Standard ATX and Extended ATX
       E-ATX will prevent the use of a motherboard side radiator
     Supports ATX PSU- Includes additional support
     6 x 3.5 Internal Drives
     1 x 5.25 External Drive Bay(more optional)
     Supports one or two Black Ice GTX480 (based on configuration)
       Can use a smaller radiator like: Xteme III, Stealth 360, or GTX 360
     Supports one-three Black Ice GTX360 (based on configuration)
     11 x 120mm Case Fans for the Radiators
     Mounting for up to two (2) 2x80mm radiators on the back panel
     80mm fan mounting location for hard drive cooling (fan purchased separately)
     Compatible With Most Aftermarket Air Coolers - approx 7" (17.7cm) clearance
     Strong and Durable Acrylic construction