Danger Den TDX LGA 775 Water Block (1/2in)

Only a company with a name like Danger Den could bring you a water block this dangerously sexy. But hey, its not all about the good looks. The TDX block is designed to give top performance to every water cooling person out there.

All TDX blocks are machined out of 100% copper 110 with machine lapped and polished bases. Each block is pressure tested to a tremendous 85psi to ensuring the TDX is no wimp. For the less faint of heart, TDX block even allows you customization to get every last drop of performance from the processor.

So if you are all about performance with no compromise, take a walk into the Danger Den, and pick up your TDX water block today!

  • Complete block assembled with top and O-ring
  • 100% copper 110
  • #1 Accelerator Plate
  • High flow fittings
  • Stainless steel hold down
  • Machine lapped and polished beyond 1200 grit
  • Pressure tested before shipment to 85psi
  • Intel:
    • LGA775