Danger Den DD-M6 CPU Waterblock - Nickel

Danger Den DD-M6 CPU Waterblock - Nickel
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Product Description

Danger Den DD-M6 CPU Waterblock - Nickel
The DD-M6 CPU Block™ replaces the long running MC-TDX block improving upon the performance and reliability. Thermal performance is significantly improved while maintaining a low flow restriction design. Available in solid copper and brass parts that are non-plated or nickel plated. A new and improved mounting system is also part of the DD-M6 CPU block package allowing reliable mounting pressure in an attractive package.

  • 100% copper 110 Base with Micro Fins
  • EN Nickel Plated Mid Plate and Top
  • *NEW* Stealth Spring Mounting System
  • 1/8" Powder Coated Steel Hold Down
  • Threaded fitting ports are G 1/4 BSPP
  • Complete Block with all O-Rings
  • Pressure Tested to 50psi
  • Fittings sold separately
  • Machine lapped and flat mirror polished
  • 58 Heat Dissipating Fins at a 0.5mm pitch and 0.25mm channel. Providing enhanced transfer of heat to the water and optimum coverage of the CPU
  • Significant temperature drops on high TDP processors and major Overclocks. Observed over 7C drop versus MC-TDX.
  • Ready to install designed and tuned for your system for top performance
  • Anti-Tarnish coating applied to prevent finger print or environmental changes. This specialized formula also has no effect on cooling potential.
  • Corrosion will not occur when used with other Copper and Brass parts. Avoid using non-anodized aluminum (or all aluminum) if at all possible for maximum component life.