Das Keyboard II - 100% Blank Mechanical Keyboard

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Product Description

ATTENTION ALL GAMERS, MODDERS, TYPISTS, AND GENERALLY 1337 DUDES! The long awaited arrival of the Das Keyboard II has come to an end! Now you too can join the ranks of elite keyboarders dumbfounding the general public with 100% totally blank keys. Preposterous you say? Not for Das Keyboarders like you!

The second revision of the Das Keyboard builds on the success of the original Das Keyboard 100% Blank Keyboard with a sleek new chassis redesign, and features a true keyboardist will appreciate. The most noticeable of changes is the upgrade from membrane switches to true Mechanical Gold-Plated Switches.

These are the best and longest lasting switches available in the industry increasing stroke life from the measly 10-15 million a standard keyboard barely reaches to a mind numbing over 50 million strokes! The clicky tactile feel of the keys provides an almost ethereal typing experience as your fingers elatedly peck away at velocities you would not be able to reach on conventional keyboards.

Like a piano, the Das Keyboard II is completely blank. While typing, your brain quickly adapts and memorizes the key positions increasing your typing speed and accuracy by up to 100% in just a few short weeks. The home keys F and J feature a special old-school style curvature, helping the user to easily index his fingers to the home position.

Featuring a USB interface, compatibility with Windows, Linux, and MacOS X, the Das Keyboard covers the bases. It even features a Windows menu key that functions under Linux! The Das Keyboard II is truly a keyboard that has been designed to deliver optimal comfort and productivity to people that spend many hours a day working, gaming, chatting, or typing on the computer.

Keyboard Features:
  • PC Enclosure Reference Model
  • Black color with matching black cable, Darth Vader approved
  • Enhanced 104-Key Layout
  • Mechanical key switches
  • Three Windows keys
  • Keys withstand over 50 million keystrokes
  • USB cable
  • Compatible with USB to PS2 adapters
System Requirements:
  • Windows, Linux, or Mac OS X
  • USB Keyboard Port
Agency Approvals:
  • FCC Class B
  • CSA
  • USA NSA: approval failed - they were not able to read what people typed
Environmental Data:
  • Operating Temperature: 0C to 60C
  • Operating Humidity: 5% to 90%
  • Das Keyboard makes a quiet clicky and snazzy sound. It does not require the use of ear plugs.
Mechanical Data:
  • Life: 50 Million Keystrokes
  • Total Travel: .150 +/- .010 @ 100g
  • Travel to Peak: .050 +/- .010
  • Peak Force: 2.0oz +/- .4oz
  • Fire Point: .110 nominal
  • Reset Force: .5oz
Electrical Data:
  • Input Power: +5VDC +/- 0.25V @ 100mA
  • Serial Data Output: USB
  • USB to PS2 Adapter Compatible