Logisys Deepcool Beta120 AMD CPU Cooler

Logisys Deepcool Beta120 AMD CPU Cooler
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Product Description

Logisys Deepcool Beta120 AMD CPU Cooler
  • Anodized black aluminum extrusion, long lifespan and high cooling performance.
  • 120mm big airflow fan blows heat away very efficiently.
  • Semi-transparent black fan with black heatsink achieves fancy appearance.
  • Unique fan frame design conducts the airflow to dissipate heat for memory and the motherboard.
  • Elegant metal box.

    Application For Intel Socket 89W
  • FM1/AM3/AM2/AM2+/940+/939+/754
  • A8/A6/A4
  • Phenom X4/X3
  • Athlon II X4/X3/X2
  • Sempron
  • Phenom II X4/X3/X2
  • Athlon/Athlon X2
  • Business Class Processors
  • Athlon FX
Overall Dimension Fan Dimension Net Weight Bearing Type
124x121x66.5mm 120x25mm 322g Hydro Bearing
Rated Voltage Operating Voltage Starting Voltage Rated Current
12VDC 10.8~13.2VDC 7VDC 0.18+/-10%A
Power Input Fan Speed Max. Air Flow Noise
2.16W 1600+/-0%RPM 55.5CFM 21dB(A)