Deep Impact 101

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Product Description

After the success of Coolermaster ""heat pipe technology"" many manufactures continued to try improve upon the technology. Finally Aerocool has come out with a cpu cooler that utilizes that technology. Introducing the Aerocool Deep Impact 101 Intel and AMD cpu cooler. Heat pipe technology allows superior cooling of the processor even under the extreme conditions of overclocking, while still not costing an outrageous amount. This massive cooler provides better cooling than most coolers that cost twice as much, and only uses a 60mm fan.

  • 60x60x20mm fan
  • 73x90x110mm total size
  • One Sleeve, One Ball bearing
  • 3000 RPM
  • 13.3 cfm airflow
  • 24 dba
  • Cooler weight: approx. 500g w/fan
  • All Aluminum
  • Good for Athlon XP 3000+ and higher
  • Good for all Coppermine, Celron, Duron, and Athlon T-Bird processors