DEMCiflex Magnetic Fan Dust Filter - Custom Graphics Card Filter

DEMCiflex Magnetic Fan Dust Filter - Custom Graphics Card Filter
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DEMCiflex Magnetic Fan Dust Filter - Custom Graphics Card Filter
THE GREATEST FAN AIR FILTERS EVER DESIGNED!!! Now available in a Special filter designed by to keep the dust out of your video cards! This fits most modern video cards that use a blower type cooler. Check measurements below to be sure. This has a very small magnetic ring and so you may think it will not hold but with the added suction of the blower is holds perfectly!

DEMCiflex Computer Air Filter is the easiest of all Computer Air Filters to use. No need for any skills. No Glue, No Screws, No Tools and No Hassles. All you have to do is to locate your computer's air intake vents. Use a sheet of paper to see if any particular fan draws air into the case or blows it out. All inlet fans and un-fanned openings can be protected by DEMCiflex.

These filter are magnetic and will attach themselves to your ferrous / metallic chassis. If you have a plastic or aluminum case then we include a magnetic strip with adhesive for easy install anywhere.

Because the mesh is black it is easy to see when the filter needs cleaning. After cleaning out the unit initially maintenance consists of taking the DEMCifilter off by hand, dusting it off by hand or soft brush and replacing it over the air intake. That simple. No dismantling, no tools, no glue or screws needed. DEMCifilter has no moving parts and has a one-piece lightweight design. DEMCifilter is fitted over the fan intake or vent holes by way of magnetic strip built into the filter. Even if the case is non-metallic, a lightweight and flexible magnetic frame (optional extra) can be fitted to the case and DEMCifilter can be fitted onto it. This will extend the lifespan of the computer and lead to less downtime and an overall more enjoyable computer experience.

To maximize the benefits of DEMCiflex filters please refer to their page on Positive Pressure .

  • Super Fine Medical Grade Mesh
  • No Glue, No Screws, No Tools and No Hassles
  • Easy Cleaning
  • Metallic Strip Included for application to the video card
  • 68mm OD of filter frame
  • 52mm OD of the mesh filter portion