Dragon Electroluminescent (EL) Case Decal

Dragon Electroluminescent (EL) Case Decal
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Product Description

Dragon Electroluminescent (EL) Case Decal
  1. 5 step flashing sequence
  2. "Super Bright" EL Badge!!
  3. Flexible badge material to fit flat and curved surfaces
  4. Removable sucking discs allowing the EL badge to be installed either on the inside or outside of the computer case.
  5. No heat generate

Inverter Specification
  1. Load 40mA~80mA
  2. Input Voltage 12VDC
  3. Output Voltage 60VAC~100VAC
  4. Output Frequency 0.45KHz ~0.85KHz
  5. Dimensions 8.1*3.8*3.2cm Operating
  6. Power Connector PC Power Connector
  7. EL Connector One output protector connector
  8. Lifetime Over 3 years in normal operating condition
  9. Operating Conditions Temperature: -40?~70? Humidity: <90%RH
  10. Storage Conditions Operating Conditions: -40?~70? Humidity: <70%RH
EL Specification
  1. Dimensions 15.0*15.0cm
  2. Flash Way Flash
  3. Material ITO/Phosphor/Black Ink/PIN/Ruminating Film
  4. Initial Brightness 25cd/?10cd/?
  5. Operating Conditions Temperature: -40?~70? Humidity: <90%RH
  6. Storage Conditions Operating Conditions: -40?~70? Humidity: <70%RH